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Academic developmental, substantial and stylistic editing

Academic developmental, substantial and stylistic editing

Academic developmental, substantial and stylistic editingAcademic developmental, substantial and stylistic editingAcademic developmental, substantial and stylistic editing


Editorial services

Developmental editing

  • Helping you put together your argument

Substantive editing

  • Major reorganization
  • Detecting and helping you fix inconsistencies and gaps in logic

Stylistic editing

  • Smoothing the flow of your writing
  • Ensuring consistency and an even tone, even in documents with multiple authors

Research and fact-checking

Not a scientist or doctor? I can check facts for you. I have years of experience as a historian of science and as an analyst and research methods instructor at a leading medical market research firm and at several startups.

I am dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the research and scholarly publication process to the best of my ability, and I'm also a big fan of Retraction Watch.

Academic coaching

One-on-one support can improve the quality of your writing and enable you to publish more quickly.

Whether you are a researcher who dislikes writing, an experienced writer whose mother tongue is not English, and/or you are suffering from writers’s block, I can help you get that paper or grant application finished on time! I genuinely enjoy the process of assisting researchers to make their work more widely available.

In addition to editing, I offer:

  • Encouragement
  • Explanations of how English grammar works
  • Etymology of words and phrases
  • Suggestions about how to improve your writing style.

Attention students: the services I provide are just like those offered by the university writing centres that you already pay for with your tuition, though I offer more flexible hours and more one-on-one time.

About me


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I am an experienced, friendly and detail-oriented editor with a PhD in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Toronto. I am based in Toronto but work with clients all over the world. 

I love to help researchers express themselves clearly in English. My services range from copy editing to peer review, advanced ESL tutoring, PhD coaching, and fact-checking.

My specialties include the life sciences — evolutionary biology, genomics, palaeontology, etc. — engineering, medicine, chemistry, and the history and philosophy of science.

I am a member of Editors Canada and the author of several peer-reviewed articles about scientific communication (i.e. the history of field guides and the phenomenon of multiple invention/discovery).

Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information.

BoldFace, the official blog of Editors Toronto, also profiled me in its Editor for Life column.

What I edit

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If it's in English I can and will edit it.

Examples of the types of documents I edit frequently include grant applications (NSERC, SSHRC, CFI, etc.), scholarly articles, abstracts, books and book chapters, tenure applications, job applications, letters of reference, websites, publicity materials, white papers, museum exhibition captions, and database entries. I also welcome other types of documents.

I love helping authors communicate clearly with a wider audience, and especially enjoy working with authors whose native language is something other than English.

Who I work with

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I work mainly with academics, especially faculty and postdoctoral fellows. I also work with university and hospital administrators and businesspeople. Sometimes I work with graduate students, but only with their supervisors' permission. I do not work with undergraduate students.

I will edit academic work to be submitted for credit only with the permission of the supervisor who assigned it!

Privacy policy


I do keep copies of emails I send and receive, however, I will not share your files with anyone other than you, unless you direct me to do so. Electronic copies will be stored locally on the hard drive of a password-protected computer and on external hard drives stored in a bank safety deposit box. Electronic files will not be stored in the cloud or emailed without your permission (unless I am editing with Google Docs or another cloud-based program, which I will do only with your permission). Electronic files will be deleted immediately after the work has been returned to you if you so request, otherwise, files will be deleted within one year.


I will not discuss your work with anyone else in identifiable detail, or distribute it in any manner to anyone else now or in the future without your prior consent.

Contact me

Email is the best way to contact me. I am also open to communicating by phone, FaceTime, Skype, etc. or in person, if you are in Toronto. Please send me a message using the form above to set up a meeting.