Academic coaching

One-on-one support can improve the quality of your writing and enable you to publish more quickly.

Whether you are a researcher who dislikes writing, an experienced writer whose mother tongue is not English, and/or you are suffering from writers’s block, I can help you get that paper finished on time! I genuinely enjoy the process of assisting researchers to make their work more widely available.

I offer:

  • Encouragement
  • Checks for logic, consistency and tone
    • E.g. pointing out gaps in explanations or arguments and what needs to be done to fix them
  • Advice about structuring arguments
  • Correction of grammatical errors, with explanations of why and how English grammar works
  • Etymological explanations of words and phrases
  • Suggestions about how to improve your writing style

Attention students: the services I provide are just like those offered by the university writing centres that you already pay for with your tuition. I am, however, able to offer more flexible hours and more one-on-one time with my clients than writing centres can.

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