How to work with an editor

If you’ve never worked with an editor before, getting into a working relationship with one can seem daunting — but it’s actually no different from any other close working relationship. There are a few things that are the same as hiring a mechanic or hair dresser or any other professional:

  1. First, find a good one who has the skills necessary to handle your request.
    • Check out Editors Canada’s Online Directory of Editors. You can search for someone with the right background for your project, and even specify where in the country you’d like to search, if you don’t want to work remotely.
  2. Explain what you want to have done and what your deadline is, and ask if the editor has the time in their schedule to do it.
    • Freelance editors have multiple clients and we’re often juggling our schedules to accommodate everyone’s requests. We can often squeeze in a new job — but if you want it done quickly, chances are you’ll have to pay more for the privilege.
    • Because of the feast-or-famine nature of freelance work, many freelancers are happy to recommend other editors they respect if they don’t have the time to work on a job.
  3. Discuss your budget for the project.
  4. Expect to sign a contract outlining the work to be done, when it will be done, how much is to be paid and when, the method of payment, etc.
    • If anything about the contract seems unclear to you, ask! As editors, it’s our job to make sure our clients understand what they are reading.
  5. If the person you’ve contacted does not seem like a good fit for the job, keep looking.